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  security-doors-eco-8 High security doors Decor. Steel doors decorated with filling PVC film patterns are used for the security of inside premises. The sash of the door is made from folded steel profiles and external protective 1,5 mm thick steel plating, 50 mm stone wool filling, insulation spacer glued onto the sash of the door and an extra spacer fixed on the jamb (door frame) double insulation.

Panels (MDF) coated with PVC film of various colours are used for the finishing/decoration of the door. The elements of the panel are first of all cut out during the manufacturing process, then each element is laminated separately, and only after that the panel is assembled into an integral pattern. Patterns of exclusive design and forms are created in this manner.

The hinges are with supporting bearings. Stationary tempered pins protect the door from being taken out after cutting the hinges thus ensuring greater security.

The jamb (door frame) is made from folded steel profiles. The metal construction of the sash and the jamb (door frame) are painted with powder paint.

Standard door set.  Door, door frame, a wide-angle peephole, one or two-lock system, external and internal edgings, double insulation spacer. 






1. Door frame fixing elements                                                      
2. Outside architraves
3. Hinges with supportings bearings
4. Inside architraves
5. Protective roll pins
6. Closed bendet metal construction
7. External 1.5mm metal sheet
8. Security lock

9. Internal door leaf finish
10. Metal door frame
12. External door leaf finish
14. Mineral rock insulation
15. Wall
17. Stainless steel door sill
18. Additional security lock (safe)
19. Latch chain-catch



   Secured Doors ltd. can proudly provide any apartment, of any style, with tailor-made high security doors for maximum peace of mind and minimum fuss. The unique advantage with our service is that we have the superior level of craftsmanship to supply you with an apartment door designed identical to your existing style, or neighbouring styles. This ensures your high security door will not only blend in, but avoid detracting from the natural look and feel of the space. Whether your door is a replica or bespoke design, you are still presented with a variety of advanced locking systems and security grades that fulfil international standards.

The majority of burglaries occur through forced front door entry – Secured Doors Ltd.are fighting for this to be a fact of the past. Our solid steel interior and timber exterior doors combine tried and tested Scandinavian high security technology with home-grown British design, ultimately making your property secure, cosy and visually appealing. Ensure that the main entrance to your home is 100% secure and safe-guarded against forced entry. We’re sure you’ll agree, when it comes to your home and the security of what’s within it – there is no room for compromise.Secured doors are expertly designed from the word go with your security and personal requests as our priority. Whether it be weatherproof finish, multi-point locking system, thermal sound insulation or quirky design elements, allow us to begin tailor-making an ideal security door for your lifestyle today.



Engineered in such a way that lock body operates very qui-                 asa
etly.It has three layer latch and zinc coated front panel.
Standard set comes with polished chrome handles and the
important night latch feature.
Some of main advantages:
– Powerful cylinder claim protects the cylinder from drilling
and knocking it out.
– Protection from master-key.
– Lockable in one directions.
– Can be ordered with three or Five Keys.
– 3 Years Warranty.
-Made in Sweden.




Product description

Plate-type lock is used for armoured type of steel doors, locked by 4 key turns; doors are captured in three places. The lock has replaceable core and 5 keys, is sealed in the factory and opened only with purchaser’s presence.
The lock is tested in the factory by at least 10000 opening – closing cycles with the same key. Locks case is protected by steel manganese alloy plate, which protects against drilling. The lock can be used with the working core, it is convenient when door is assembled during production of construction when sealed keys cannot be installed.
The lock meets high 4th security class under ENV 1627-2000 standard.
The lock is in line with ISO 9001 quality management certificate.

Maker Securemme Srl.

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