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We like to add the personal touch to our service, so if you opt to create and design a home security door with us today, we will be 100% prepared to take all of your personal requests on board. This can include everything from creating a bespoke security door from scratch for you with a range of locking systems and hand-crafted finishes to choose from, to replicating the look and feel of your current door so that your new heightened level of security fits discreetly into your lifestyle.

Seamless security with that all-important level of personalisation! Begin by exploring our residential range of security modern front doors engineered for the home, where comfort, ease-of-use and discretion are at the forefront of their design. Never has it been easier to subtly provide your property and its contents with maximum protection. And with the majority of burglaries occurring through forced front door entry, never has it been more important to add the Secured Doors touch to your home.



ral colours.






1. Door frame fixing elements                                                      
2. Outside architraves
3. Hinges with supportings bearings
4. Inside architraves
5. Protective roll pins
6. Closed bendet metal construction
7. External 1.5mm metal sheet
8. Security lock

9. Internal door leaf finish
10. Metal door frame
12. External door leaf finish
14. Mineral rock insulation
15. Wall
17. Stainless steel door sill
18. Additional security lock (safe)
19. Latch chain-catch


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