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Safe-lock-Securemme-2510-extra_imagelarge  The high SECURITY door, EURO model, is provided with a smooth turning european cylinder locking system, armoured with a steel plate. The cylinder is shielded by a defender protection manganese steel system. The lock comes with a key, which is a small and very easy to handle. You can have multiple cylinders with only 1 master key. the door is provided with temporary keys while installation is taking place, these temporary keys will be replaced by 4 new ones once the installation is complete.

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Door Structure


door structure

1.External door leaf finish
2.External 1.5mm metal sheet
3.Closed bendet metal construction
4.Mineral rock insulation
5.External 1.5mm metal sheet
6.Internal door leaf finish
7.Outside architraves
8. 1.5mm metal sheet
10.Hinges with supportings bearings
12.Security lock
13.Additional security lock (safe)
14.Additional security lock (safe)
15.Metal door frame
16.The doorbell
17.Door frame fixing elements
18.Door frame fixing elements
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